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GorjussFans Group Photo by IMMoonDancer GorjussFans Group Photo by IMMoonDancer
Two very good friends of mine and myself opened up a yahoo e-group to support Suzanne Woolcott. We create / and or share (and/or both) Letters for Incredimail and some stationery for Outlook Express... There are Tags, Snags and More- , stop in and check it out... Many of you know and love her and her art- she is one super cool lady.

If you are interested stop in and join us- we have a lot of nice stats shared and a lot of gorjuss tags ..... Feel free to grab a friend or 2 and come on in .. [link]

If you are not familiar with "Creating using Purchased Art" - we'll help you learn the ropes- , why pay for any ones art when there are a bunch of people sharing art ? Simple ! Its the Legal way- and is the best way to support our talented Pay to use Artists...

In order to use Suzanne's art- one must purchase her images/tube packs from [link] (psst she just added 2 more packages ) - upon purchase , you will have a license to use on all creations you make. If it all sounds a bit confusing, no worries- we'll help. Proper credit is a must ... if you were the artist, wouldn't you want proper credit? Sure you would because thats the way it should be. Artists have families to feed and bills to pay also... and due to the fact that they allow the public to use their art, we need to thank them by properly crediting them.

We do allow midi files to be sent/shared along with the stats , tags, desktop wallpapers etc. - and of course fonts ( if they are free fonts ).

If you do not have Incredimail but would like to try it, you can download a free one here: [link] Letter Creator ( the stationery creator ) comes with your download -but it only allows ten letters to be made - after that, if you want to make more with letter creator- you must purchase Letter Creator- most want to after making a few stats- it gets addicting lol.

Also- there are a few notes being passed around on the Internet that states it is ok to use artist work - please ignore it, delete it - it is nothing but false information and can only lead to trouble.

Hugs and we hope to see you visit us soon- we know you will enjoy your stay... Everyone is sweet and helpful.

Hope to see you there soon!
Hugs, TammyJo *TJ*, Crystal and FayeAnn
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January 15, 2008
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